I am, for once, at a loss for words. I had my first float tank experience today. After “sleeping in” (waking up late at 5 am for a 3 hour workout) and a ton of errands, I ventured into a float tank. A huge tub full of ridiculously salty water. It was more surreal than most of my life experiences thus far - and trust me - my life can get really surreal. I do know that it made me hyper aware of the stress I hold in my neck. I had some moments of panic in between total relaxation - one of those times, I turned the light on and sat up, and as I reached to touch my toes and stretch, my entire spine popped like bubble wrap. I actually got out once to look at the clock outside the room, fearful that the music cue didn’t run and I had been in there for hours. I grabbed my phone, realizing how beautiful the reflections on the ceiling were. I was a mermaid. My hair floated as I moved, I was surprised to not discover I had fins or a tail . . . My mind darted between silence and nonsense, then silence and to-do lists, then silence and... silence. I can see why people love doing this. Also, my lymphedema seemed to find some relief. I had a few bouts of nerve pain, some tingles, but nothing like the usual - and my arm felt lighter into the night. Wow . . . I’m at the point where I don’t want to be on my deathbed saying, “Gosh. Why didn’t I try a float tank while I had the chance?” I guess that’s technically a bucket list. I’d like to call it My List. Also, I’m guessing I’m not at a loss for words.
— Kiku C. from www.ninjaprincess.ninja, October 2016

I was on vacation in NYC and my friend who lives there set up float sessions for us. I was super excited, 1) because it’s such a unique thing that I’d never heard of and 2) I have trouble quieting my mind & relaxing so I was excited to give this a try. The woman who explained the process to us was very nice and gave us great pointers on how to get the most of our experience. I took a shower & put ear plugs in before entering the float suite. The personal pool is 10” deep with 800 pounds of Epsom salts in it!! Once I laid back I was completely floating! There was a soft blue light illuminating the suite and white twinkle lights on the ceiling. Soft relaxing music played for the 1st 10 minutes then it was completely quiet. I also turned the lights off after about 5 minutes. After a few minutes I was so relaxed that I couldn’t even feel my body! It was the most relaxing experience I’ve ever had. I was skeptical that I would be able to quiet my mind and last for a whole hour in the water but the relaxation completely took over my mind and body. I felt super relaxed the entire day. I’ve felt detoxified ever since my float session. I highly recommend this to everyone. I will definitely do this again next time I’m in NYC.
— Monique A., June 2015

I’ve never had a more relaxing experience than at Infinity Float NYC. Most float tanks are poorly located and the tanks themselves are old. Infinity’s Float tank is state of the art and spaciousness, complementing the serenity of the spa outside and the disposition of the staff. The float itself should be experienced by everyone, especially those who are looking to destress, improve the depth of their meditation and even detoxify their bodies from living in the city.
— Jory P., July 2014

When I arrived at Infinity Float I was greeted by a lovely receptionist Uzuri who explained to me how the tank worked and the procedure to enter. A nice warm shower before you enter. Ear plugs to prevent water in your ear and cancel out noise. The float room came equipped with blue lighting from below and twinkling stars above. After ten minutes the music would fade and after an hour the music would slowly come back on to let you know the float was ending.  Completely naked, I slowly stepped into the warm, salty water. My body floated effortlessly, my face securely above the water. The water felt soothing as it cradled my body. I kept the lights on and closed my eyes. Feeling courageous, I shut the bottom lights off and then the twinkling stars above. Darkness. The music was still playing, but in the tank, I had no sense of time. As the music faded into complete silence, all I could hear was my breath flowing in and out. At one point, the mind kicked in and anxiety came into my awareness. My heart rate began to accelerate slightly and I turned the lights back on. A few deep breaths later, I shut off the stars and gazed above. With the blue light glowing beneath me, I observed my reflection and smiled.I entered into total darkness once again. My arms floated above my head as if on their own releasing tensions. My body felt relaxed. My mind felt open. The music came back on and I was sad that it was ending. I wanted to stay in the peaceful place I was in.  I quietly left the room, thanked Uzuri and stepped out into a new world.
— Christina M., June 2014