Initial Consultation and Follow Up Visits

Welcome! We hope that you are ready for an amazing journey into healing. To help us gain more information about you and better understand your concerns, please take some time to fill out the new patient intake forms. Come to your first visit prepared with the following:

  1. A completed new patient questionnaire. You may download it here. For minors, please complete a pediatric questionnaire. You may download it here.
  2. A completed food log. You may download it here.

Your Initial Consult 

The first visit is 2 hours. This will include a thorough consultation, exam and if there’s time, some recommendations. This is a full spectrum assessment, which can detect imbalances of the whole body systems.

Your Follow Up Visits

Follow up visits vary according to the complexity of your overall condition. Follow up visits consist of hands-on treatments, as well as supportive consults in which we review your progress, results and discuss any questions you may have regarding your health and well-being.


Rescheduling Policy

We value our client’s time as much as we do our own. We pride ourselves on keeping your wait to a minimum. 

For any rescheduling requests or cancellations, please notify us within 2 business days prior to your appointment. If you are running late, we will accommodate you the best we can but we will not be able to  extend your appointment time. Missed appointments will be charged the full session fee.